Coming Soon… iPhone 2.2

On October 30, 2008

iPhone  version 2.2 is in the pipeline for an upcoming release some time in the near future and, once again, it will bring some nice goodies. has a nice overview of what we can expect.  Before you run through a quick summary, let’s take a second to list a couple of things that likely will not be there.

Cut and Paste – No

Push Notification (to compensate for not having apps running in the background) – Nope

Enhanced Bluetooth for wireless stereo or use with a keyboard – Nah

So what can we expect? According to the article we are looking to gain-

Google Street View – Take THAT Android

Direct Podcast Downloads – I LOVE podcaster and you will LOVE this feature!

Rating Applications on Deletion – Nice, but wouldn’t you just rather rate them here?

Line-In Support – (ie "manipulation of line-ln audio accessories") High quality directional microphones?? NICE!

Emoji Emoticons –


Location Sharing – This whole location sharing thing still kind of freaks me out

Safari Tweaks – You mean like no more crashing? Maybe more than 8 pages at a time? Or the ability to close them directly so the "can’t open because too many already are" thing doesn’t pop up all the time?
All of this sounds great and promises to make our awesome devices even more so but, not to sound ungrateful or anything, Apple can you please let us use the Bluetooth to so something more than use a headset?? Please!!!!