Coming Tonight… DIRECTV’s DVR Scheduler App For iPhone

On March 29, 2009

I am thrilled to see more and more big players getting into the iPhone game in a variety of ways. The newest is DIRECTV whose DVR Scheduler App for the iPhone should be available just after midnight tonight.

The free app will, according to Eric Shanks, executive vice president of entertainment for DIRECTV,

"take the DIRECTV’s DVR Scheduler experience to an entirely new level with its incredible ease of use, amazing search function and great looking graphics.”

Details on the upcoming app and a preview video follow…


The new app offers a new interface and ease of use. A powerful new search function would enable users to browse the entire programming guide by channel or date and time. Move over, with a keyword search you can search by actor, title, and description. The app’s guide is highly customizable and programs can be scheduled up to 14 days in advance.

Once a program is found, viewers have detailed information like air date, duration, and description at their fingertips. The most popular shows will display a colorful graphic that can be tapped to view more images of the cast. DIRECTV customers can then easily set a remote recording with additional options and settings, and simply touch to record.

Also in the upcoming press release is indication that future versions of the application will offer DIRECTV VOD search and remote record, content recommendations and ratings, and streaming of show and movie trailers.