Companies now switching to iPhone from Blackberry

On July 19, 2012

It seems that Research in Motion or b which is the company responsible for Blackberry is in trouble. This is because a few companies are already switching from their product to their competitor’s which is the Apple iPhone. One notable company that is doing so is the Australian aircraft carrier, Qantas and with more than a thousand employees involved, RIM has plenty to get worried about.

A Qantas spokeswoman stated to AFP that more than 1,300 of its employees will get the switch from Blackberry to iPhone. She also added that the transition will add up to significant cost savings and this is what matters a lot for Qantas and possibly for other companies as well. In addition to the change to iPhone, Qantas is also using iOS devices such as the iPad as replacements to paper charts, flight plans and manuals and more. iPads are also provided as in-flight entertainment for the company as well.

The push to Apple means that RIM will be losing a lot of money, especially if other companies decided to follow Qantas’ footsteps. It is interesting to see how RIM will get up from this especially when this can be considered to be a painful blow for the company.