Complete details on iOS 7 and Apple iLife and iWork suites

On October 23, 2013


The landing of the new version of the iOS operating system did not go very smoothly, version 7 being penalized for poor performance, bugs and some stability issues. While waiting for a major update with new iPads, the company has just released a minor update, but it tries to solve the already annoying problem.

iOS 7.0.3 brings a pretty hefty list of improvements. First of all, abundant animations and graphic effects can now be significantly reduced, Apple offers by validating Reduce Motion option not only the blocking effect of parallax, as before, but also replaces maximization and minimization animations of programs with a much shorter lasting effect. Even those who do not want to give up these graphics fireworks will find improved animations performance or screen multitasking, especially for tablets.

List of repaired problems include restarts of iCloud integration with iWork suite applications, problems with sending messages via iMessage, the new gyro adjustment behavior of iPhone 5S and other less visible problems.


iOS 7.0.3 brings two features. The operating system for mobile devices now includes iCloud Keychain and integrates with the new desktop operating system OS X 10.9, thus synchronizing passwords or other personal data. The Safari browser integrates a password generator to supplement security offered by iCloud Keychain.

Apple has already announced that applications in the iWork and iLife suites, ie Pages, Number, Keynote, iPhone, iMovie and Garage Band will be free for new users of Apple devices and the company announced last night the updates on both iOS and OS X.

Updated versions of these six applications provide better integration with iCloud and iWork for iCloud, are 64-bit native applications and received new graphic interfaces that harmonize with changes in iOS and OS X.

iWork suite of office applications received new common file format, real-time collaboration options through iCloud, quicker sharing options and new options for formatting documents in Pages, interactive graphic in Number and new effects in Keynote. iLife suite boasts with an iPhone having new instruments and effects or slideshows, iMovie features Picture in Picture and Garage Band offers more audio tracks and provides more options for buying new music samples.