ConnectDots – Review

On April 12, 2009

When Julia Turner at Think Graphics asked me to review the ConnectDots app for the iPhone and iPod Touch I quickly downloaded it and went straight to work. I did not find directions or guidance when I opened the app but was immediately presented with16 black and white outlines- think coloring book pages. I selected one and started to connect the dots with my fingers. I realized my actions were not mirrored by the program. The lines were drawn with just my touch to the picture, much easier for little fingers, but a bit disappointing to me (can you say perfectionist). Once all lines were complete the green dots disappear and it was time to create my first masterpiece. I could hardly wait!

Below the picture is a small menu; a picture of coloring pages in case you want to change your coloring page selection, a green crayon,when tappped brings up a page with 16 color choices, an eraser for obvious reasons and a completed picture with a pushpin in it, a quick way to save your photo to your photos Album.

I couldn’t wait to get started on my first picture ~ the turtle.  I set to work doing the dot to dot process and realized the lines formed better if I just tapped the picture.  The dots were connected, time for my favorite part, picking colors.  The 16  colors look great, classic vibrant coloring book colors- just like when you were young and you received a new box of crayola’s and  coloring book- Can’t you just feel those clean textured pages and smell the new crayon box smell- all the crayons were sharp and the pages were blank- just waiting for you to get to complete the pictures?  aaahhhhh, the simple joys of childhood!

Once through the stroll down memory lane I set to work.  I will admit I did get a bit frustrated with the coloring process.  I had visions of coloring my turtle’s shell a variety of colors, but the app quickly shot that idea down.  I selected Orange for one block but all blocks turned orange.  I then selected brown for an area and the entire space was filled with brown.  However, once I knew how the program worked  I adjusted my plan and applied the colors as best  could,  but still enjoyed the program.  I continued  coloring several more pages and then shared it with my daughter (7).  She LOVES it, I only wish she did not realize she could save EVERY page she colors!  My son, (12) also enjoyed it though he would not admit to such nonsense if asked, he too felt a bit limited by the coloring process, but was able to color at least 9 of the16 pages.


When I presented it to my preschool students they happily tried it.  I  sat with them, to show them how  the program worked a few times. Once they understaood theprocess ther were off and coloring without hesitation.  I even asked my boyfriend (44) to try it, and he colored a few pages while we were sitting on the train.

I will admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but find it is a wonderful program for children of all ages.  My daugher and students asks for ConnectDots frequently.

You can get ConnectDots HERE for $.99.