crApp-O-Meter (aka Babe-O-Meter)

On September 11, 2008

Sorry for throwing two crApp App posts at you in the same week but this has got to be the biggest POC (piece o’ crApp App) yet. 

$1.99???? They don’t even have the decency to make this $.99 or even "Free". (And mind you, at "free" this would STILL be too expensive.)


The description from "developer" says…

Are you Hot! or Not? Press Go and shake the iPhone or iPod Touch for 4 seconds. And wait for the Babe-O-Meter to rate your attractiveness. 

Major features include:

1. 100 levels of attractiveness (Comment- these are features the same way "not crashing" is a "feature" of firmware 2.1.)

2. If you hit 100% prepare for a special prize (Comment- Right, you get to never have to try one of their "products" again.)

3. Ambient music and sound effects (Comment- to drown out the stupidity.)

Let me get this straight…

Apple rejected the apps "iFartz" and "Pull My Finger" because they are of “limited utility” but let this through?? Yeah, that makes perfect sense.