Craziness App Answers

On February 9, 2012

Craziness App Answers

Craziness App Answers – Craziness is such a brain-teaser game that needs you to find on your way through the challenge and question in this Craziness. We can see that Craziness provides some feature that will not make us get bored soon. Based on the data, this game is stated to the most downloaded game that has been downloaded almost 1.2 million in 15 countries. Since it is released on Aug 17, 2011, this games seems to have good response from the customer. It is proved with the award that this game becomes almost number one game in some countries in Europe. However, Craziness is only available for iOS only. It seems that so far there is no information regarding the deveopment of this game to Android OS. It is said that Craziness only compatible to iPhone, iPod and iPad.

In this Craziness, there is some feature. There are five test including 100 questions, the different question types will also provides you to a bit more challenging game, there is no limitation on age that allowed to play Craziness, on the graphic we will also find an excellent Retina graphic, and last but not least, we can share our score in Craziness on Facebook and Twitter. There is also note regarding the penguins question. We can turn off the zoo, option from accessibility that we can find in the General under the option Setting. The Craziness app consists of the Simple Test, Mad Test, Insane Test, and Crazy Test. We will give you Craziness App Answers for you.

Craziness App Answers – Mad Test

1 – Press the blue bird seven times.

Answer:  Press the blue bird seven times, paying close attention to changes in the brid’s position.

2 – Touch the right ear of the elephant.

Answer: Touch the ear on the left, that is the elephant’s right ear.

3 – Pop the balloons from bottom to top.

Answer: Pop balloons from balloon bottom to top, paying close attention to changes in the balloons’ position.

4 – Tap the non-football to proceed.

Answer:  Tap the soccer ball.

5 – Can you see the thumbs up hand?

Answer: Rotate your device until the hand’s thumb is pointing upwards.

6 – Put the penguin, hammer, apple, ball, then banana.

Answer: Drag the penguin, hammer, apple, ball , then banana into the refrigerator.  Make sure to remember that order since the text will disappear once you drag the penguin.

7 – Tap the egg carefully until it cracks.

Answer: Tap the egg 5 times.

8 – Punch the monster 3 times to destroy it.

9 – Follow the instructions. Stop!

Answer: Wait. Don’t touch anything.

10 – Quick! Touch the sign.

Answer: Touch the stop sign

10 – Touch the four pies.

Answer:  Touch the pie to the right four times.

11 – Touch the smallest frog to continue.

Answer: Touch the frog in the question.


1 – Where’s the egg?

Answer: Drag the chicken anywhere on the screen and tap the egg underneath the chicken.

2 – 7, 2, 2 What’s the some of the numbers that appeared?  10, 12, 11

Answer: 11

3 – Press the green button, then red twice, then blue

Answer: Press the green button, then red twice, then blue, paying close attention to changes in the buttons’ positions

4 – Remember this creature very well!

Answer: Tap continue

5 – Drop the man from the chair

Answer: Shake your device to drop the man

6 – Touch the panda in the frontmost.

Answer: Touch the panda in the frontmost.

7 – Tucan puzzle.  What’s the missing part?

Answer: Touch the third piece from the left.

8 – Touch the different octopus.

Answer: Touch the second octopus from the left, the one with the spot under its eye.

9 – Which one is it?

Answer: Touch the forth monster from the left.


Craziness App Answers – Insane Test and Crazy Test