Create your own iPhone cases from your Instagram photos!

On October 25, 2011

Instagram is famous amongst iPhone users and why shouldn’t it be? Thousands of photos are uploaded daily and shared amongst its users making it one of the most successful mobile photo applications in the market. Come Casetagram, an iPhone case making company which allows its users to take photos from their Instagram account and create their own personalized iPhone case based on these photos.

These cases are made in Hong Kong and has no affiliation whatsoever with Instagram. It merely uses the API available by Instagram to allow its users to take the photos from their Instagram accounts. Nevertheless, the result is a high quality iPhone case for you or for anyone else that you wish to give it to.

At $34.95, it may not be expensive to some especially because it is a personalized case. They are also giving out free worldwide shipping with every purchase of a Casetagram iPhone case although they said that this promotion will end soon.

Whatever the outcome may be, you can be rest assured that the case that you’re getting from Casetagram is unique only to you. If you wish to have something that is different than others, then we highly suggest that you check Casetagram out!