CutYourSIM discontinue the iPhone Permanent Unlock Service

On April 20, 2011

CutYourSIM, a company that offers permanent unlock for iPhone service announced that they have discontinued their iPhone remote unlocking service for any carrier. A week ago, introduced CutYourSIM and others online permanent unlock solution for iPhone Users which having their iPhone locked to official carrier.

Here is the official statement from cutyoursim:

Today we have decided to discontinue the service we offered for remotely unlocking any iPhone. For the customers who already paid, and received their unlocks a few days ago, they do not need to do anything because they made the cutoff for our service. All customers who paid via PayPal or Google Checkout will be refunded. Due to the high number of orders we had, please allow some time before receiving your cancellations/refunds.

We do plan on offering iPhone unlocking services in the near future after we send out cancellations and refunds, but the service will be different, it will be for iPhones locked to certain carriers. Once we take care of the refunds, we will post more about this new service we are going to offer. Please keep checking back, and follow our twitter page here for the latest updates.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I paid through PayPal do I need to fill anything out for the refund?
A: No, all PayPal orders are being refunded automatically. Please allow a couple of days for the refund to show up in your PayPal account, or on your credit card if you used the PayPal credit card processing.

Q: I paid through Google Checkout what should I do in order to request my refund?
A: You purchases made via the Google Checkout option will start to automatically get refunded to your account. Please allow a few business days in order to receive cancellation/refund emails from Google.

Q: I already made an order and received my unlock, will I be affected?
A: No, if you already made your order, and received your unlock along with the instructions you are unaffected. This is only for people waiting on their unlocks, and new orders that were placed for this service.

Q: When can we expect this service to resume, so you can take orders again?
A: The service is suspended indefinitely. We may be able to offer iPhone unlocking services for select carriers only.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused all of our customers,
CutYourSim Team

Well, this is really a bad news for iPhone unlockers.