Date for iPhone 5 Announcement Known

On July 31, 2012

Everybody has been anticipating a new and better iPhone ever since the release of the iPhone 4S. This is because people expect something new and not just a device that has been upgraded. The iPhone 4S was an upgrade but the next generation iPhone after that will be a new looking device instead.

A lot of rumors have surround the iPhone 5 such as its future name, specifications and a lot more but none of them has been confirmed by Apple. However, that won’t be the case anymore because Apple has already given a date for a “special event” on September. To be exact, we are talking about September 12 and the launch on September 21. Along with the iPhone 5, it is expected that Apple will announce the next generation iPod Nano, iPod Touch as well as the iPad Mini. These dates were also confirmed by AllThingsD which said that their sources also mentioned an event by Apple on that week.

With this being said and done, the much anticipated date is still far away. This gives Apple plenty of time to prepare and for more rumors to spread as well. Tell us what you think of the release of these new devices.