In a few days – GTA San Andreas is coming to iOS

On November 27, 2013


If you miss GTA after you lost hours in GTA V on Xbox or PS3, GTA San Andreas will soon arrive on iOS.

Two years ago, at the tenth anniversary of the launch of Grand Theft Auto 3 on consoles and PC, Rockstar Games has ported the popular game on iOS, only to shortly arrive in Google Play. Because it already awakens player’s appetite, a year later, another game from the series, GTA Vice City received the same treatment.

Now, in a time when GTA V has exceeded all conceivable record for a video game and held seven positions in the Guinness book, a new title that made ??history is about to find a place on iOS, and other mobile platforms. The game is named GTA San Andreas.

The package which will be available on this special occasion, fortunately, has received a significant upgrade from what we could play in 2004 on PC or PS2. As coverage includes San Fierro, Las Venturas and Los Santos. Graphics went through a process of updating which includes detailed dynamic shadows and a richer palette with a greater distance from which you can see the environment. Cars and characters include so many details and polygons that the version that will arrive on phones next month will be called “best-looking version of San Andreas so far”, in a statement of the Rockstar.

Like in the past, with other ported games, will receive many ways to interact with characters to find out the control system that delights the most. In addition, it will be among the first games which include official support for Moga and Logitech gaming controllers recently launched for iPhones with iOS 7.