Demand for new iPhone 5 exceeds its predecessor.

On September 13, 2011

A survey done by RBC/Changewave revealed that more than 31% of the survey takers would want to purchase the new 5th-generation iPhone. This is a 6% increase from 25% from a previous survey done on the iPhone 4 last year. It shows that the new iPhone is in much demand as compared with the previous versions of iPhone.

With Apple rumored to have pushed its manufacturing capacity to support more than 30 million of the new iPhone, there is no telling on how fast it will be sold out once it was launched. Last year, it took less than a day before the iPhone 4 being put on retail was sold out. It is expected that the same would happen for this year as well due to the limited stocks available.

Some speculates that the release date of the iPhone 5 will be somewhere in October 2011 and analysts have also given out specifications on the new iPhone. Only time will tell on when the iPhone will be announced officially by Apple.

Demand for the iPhone has never dimmed and even after 4 generations of iPhone, the hype keeps on building and why shouldn’t it be? It is the hottest gadget in town.