Deutsche Telekom to take pre-orders for iPhone 5

On September 6, 2011

The iPhone 5 hasn’t been announced by Apple and yet Deutsche Telekom, the company behind T-Mobile USA stated that it is taking pre-orders on the upcoming iPhone. This was reported by the prominent news station, Bloomberg.

The reason for the early iPhone 5 pre-orders is because of the bottleneck in the supply of the iPhone whenever it was first released and by taking early pre-orders, Deutsche Telekom hopes to prevent the lack of supply for its customers.

A lot of people speculate that the new iPhone will be released sometime this month although there is no exact date as to when Apple would release the new iPhone. Apple iPhone users around the world are in anticipation of the new iPhone and every new speculation released sparks hope as to the release of the iPhone 5.

None of the specifications of the iPhone has been released although many have guessed what the technical specification would be.