Developer behind "Dropzone" makes 8K in one day by slashing price from $14 to $2

On May 24, 2012

Everyone knows that people tend to buy things when they are on sale, well the developer behind Dropzone experienced exactly that yesterday. The Mac app normally sells for $14 in the Mac App Store, but the developer participated in Two Dollar Tuesday and drop the price of Dropzone to only $2.

At first he was a little unsure if this was the right choice, however after looking at the numbers the developer quickly realized that Dropzone made an astounding $8,000 in one day. The dev says the money is “beyond my wildest dreams.”

A quick summary of Dropzone:

Drag a file onto the Dropzone menu item and your fully customizable grid of destinations flies smoothly out using core animation. Drop the file onto a destination and Dropzone will take care of the rest. Whether you’re opening an app, uploading a file or sharing your photos on Flickr. When sharing via FTP, Dropzone copies the URL for your upload to the clipboard ready for pasting into an email or instant message. It’s a super fast way to share things with your friends.

Whats interesting is that Dropzone wasn’t anywhere near the top 100 paid apps, however within hours of dropping the price, the app soared to the number 3 spot in the top paid overall chart in a matter of hours.

Here’s a visual representation of the download numbers:

Mac Dev Makes 8K In One Day By Dropping App Price From $14 To $2 In Mac App Store