Dexim AV Dock Station – Review

On March 26, 2009

Sure, Apple has a dock like this, but Apple just prices their accessories too high.  Enter Dexim’s AV Dock.  It comes with Remote, Cables (Video / Audio), Dock, Batteries, and the variety of adapters you would need to fit all of the different iPods / iTouch / iPhones out in the market.

The Dexim AV Dock doesn’t provide you with a component video cable, instead it provides the standard RCA type yellow, red, white plug.  The quality of the output is decent, no worse than the one that you would get from the Apple solution.  Watching YouTube and native iPhone videos and photos on my TV worked flawlessly.

Even though the remote is infrared, our test unit had no problem picking up a signal from 20 feet away (as long as we pointed it at the dock of course).  The remote is very good in that it lets you navigate through menu choices, select songs and videos, control volume, play/pause, and even includes more than one set of batteries.

In general, if you are looking for a video/audio dock that is full functional with remote, and something that isn’t going to break the bank, Dexim has produced the right product at the right price.

The Dexim AV Dock Station with Remote Control can be had for $70 at