Dictionary Deals – Which Should You Pick???

On April 10, 2009

Shortly after I got my iPhone 3G I purchased a Dictionary app. Sure I could check for words online but the availability of a real dictionary at all times, regardless of internet connection, was a great boost to productivity for me.

There was, however, one problem. You see, the choices at the time were limited and EXPENSIVE. Yes, there were inexpensive options, but they were not JUST inexpensive.. they were also CHEAP! The real dicitonaries were expensive- very expensive.

How times have changed. There are now numerous real dictionaries available. And we aren’t talking pseudo-dictionaries. We’re talking REAL dictionaries that are intended for REAL use.

So which to choose?

We picked three good ones and decided to let you decide. Should you pick the dictionary behind Door Number 1? Number 2? or Number 3? Make your choice after the break and see how you fair.



I know, I know, the Dictionary.com app is not exactly the same as these other two excellent, and uber-complete, Dicitonaries. But the difference between $30-$35 and FREE is… well… $30-$35 and that is a lot of money.

Are the traditional dictionaries worth that much extra? Only you can decide for yourself.

As for me, I wish I hadn’t spent the money on one of the premium versions. The Dictionary.com app looks like it would get the job done just fine.