Did Microsoft just leak references to Office suites for iPhone and iPad?

On December 11, 2012

Last month we reported that Microsoft was working on an Office Suite for iOS and that they were eyeing for an early 2013 release. Well now as noted by Mac4ever, references to several Office for iOS applications have begun creeping into Microsoft’s support site, even if their references are currently product tags that seem to somehow have been applied improperly to support articles.

The first example seems to be a support document addressing custom numeric formats in Excel. Even though it currently states on the support site in the U.S. that this article pertains to Excel 2013, the French support site states that this applies to Excel for iPad. If you search through their support site you will see other examples such as “Excel for iPad”, “PowerPoint for iPad”, and “Office Mobile for iPhone”.

Even though the appearance of these new product tags really doesn’t confirm the rumors that MS Office for iOS is just around the corner, it certainly does seem to confirm that the Suite is at least in the future plans. Now all we can do is wait and see  if and when Microsoft makes it into the App Store.

What do you think, is Microsoft too late to the party or will you switch to their offer once it becomes available?