Disney’s ‘The Lone Ranger’ hits the App Store as new feature film hits theatres

On July 4, 2013

The Lone Ranger went live on the App Store yesterday in a move by Disney to have its release accompanying a new movie hitting the theatres. The RPG for iPhone and iPad is available for free.

The Lone Ranger is a full 3D RPG with duels, quests, and abilities for unlocking new horses, tools, and weapons. You are a renowned Texas Ranger in the Wild West and must saddle up, take a hold of the reins and gallop hard and fast to Colby town in order to restore peace there.

While fighting against greed and corruption on this thrilling adventure, you’ll duel infamous outlaws and bandits in epic showdowns and ultimately bring them to justice. Your allies in taking on super villain Butch Cavendish and his fierce gang are Tonto and the Lone Ranger.

More languages will be coming to The Lone Ranger towards the end of July, including German, Italian, and Spanish.

The Lone Ranger [App Store link]