Do you have problems with battery iPhone? Learn how to prolong its life

On April 14, 2013

There is at least one common thing that all iPhone users hate and that is the battery life. Regardless of the benefits that Apple brings to its owners, it’s always room for improvement.

The first trick to improve battery life is the “Do not Disturb”, which you can activate from the phone’s settings. Most people get a series of alerts on their phone: Gmail that receive and send emails, Twitter notifications, updates, text messages and many other things. Every time when there is a new alert the display illuminates automatically, reducing the battery life.

Other ways to conserve the battery life:

• Decoupling the WiFi signal between how you are driving, because the phone is forced to find new WiFi access points.

• If you are on the subway turn on airplane mode.

• Decreasing the brightness of the screen can always be a solution to save the battery.

• When the battery is running low, it is recommended to use the phone as little as possible or not at all.

If battery life is important, there is also the Mophie case variant is specially designed to recharge your phone. Mophie is a package that costs about $100, depending on the model of the iPhone. When the battery is down to 10%, the case is installed and automatically rises to 80%. Subsequently, the device can be removed.

None of these solutions are perfect, but better than nothing. If you know other tips that increase battery life, write a comment at the end of the article.