Does iPhone 3.0 Finally Get Apple The Longed For Invitation???

On June 15, 2009

The new hardware and OS 3.0 are about to have a radical impact on the iPhone. The new iPhone will have video, a better camera and be loads fast. OS 3.0 will include stereo bluetooth, landscape keyboard and global search.

All of those are HUGE, but perhaps the biggest change, if eWeek has it right, is that these new digs will finally get the iPhone an invitation to… the Enterprise Ball.

There are no secrets that Aple has long hoped the iPhone would bridge the entertainment AND Enterprise world as a device for all seasons. As media player the iPhone was immediately recognized as a winner. Enterprise, however, as been a harder sell.  Finally, thou, that just might be changing.

As the eWeek article puts it,

It took three years and three generations for Apple to finally get it right, but it looks like the iPhone is finally ready to take on RIM in the enterprise.  The iPhone software version 3.0 features some of the most enterprise-friendly features we’ve seen in any iPhone to-date.  And its focus on design, apps, and a full-featured experience ensures it will continue to be a major player in the space going forward.

The article goes on to say that speed, push, the App Store and finally tethering (unless of course you live in the US and suffer with AT&T) are the right mix to push Apple through the door and onto the dance floor.

Apple has long tried to show that you CAN have your cake and eat it too… and with the upcoming OS and hardware combo this time… it just might happen.