Been there, done that. Now without being there with Veek

On November 18, 2014


Discovering new places is tough. You can ask friends. Stalk friends on Facebook (bad, bad, don’t.) But now we have Veek, an incredible location-based app. With it you can virtually travel to virtually anywhere. That restaurant down there? Check it on Veek, just like being there. With Veek you’ll see Foursquare information and also pictures of the place from Instagram. A picture is worth a million words, and this is even more true when it’s food we are talking about. No matter how yummy I say those pork ribs are: a picture will show you the sweet and sour sauce and the crispiness of the tender meat. Salivating? Get Veek and you no longer need to imagine, you can actually be there. You can read our review of Veek here.