Don’t Like Sling’s OnScreen Remote…Don’t Use It

On April 3, 2009

In order to prepare to review the (soon to arrive but not soon enough) SlingPlayer for iPhone I picked up a Slingbox Solo from Amazon. (The sacrifices I make for the site!)

It came today and… Slingbox is amazing. It took me a bit to get it configured properly but, once I did WOW!

Watching my TiVo from my iMac or my MacBook is amazing. The picture is superb. The degree of control is remarkable. It is amazing. And that is before the iPhone app has come to light!

There is, however, one thing I don’t like.

The onscreen remote works fine (the TiVo remote even looks like the TiVo remote) but having to use the mouse or trackpad to change channels etc isn’t ideal.

So I figured I would try the iPhone app DVR Remote which I reviewed (and loved) a while back. Since it uses the local WiFi network to control the TiVo AND the Slingbox controls the TiVo through WiFi network as well, I thought I just might be able to bypass the Slingbox and change the TiVo directly.

Turns out it works perfectly. So long as I am on my home network, my iPhone can now control my TiVo and, in turn, the stream from the Slingbox can be paused, stopped, started… you name it.