Downgrade from iOS 6 to iOS 5 might be possible in the near future

On February 1, 2013

Winocm is a hacker made known by the MuscleNerd in the day that iOS 6.1 beta 5 has been released by Apple, and he is currently working on a possible solution to downgrade from iOS 6 to iOS 5. The solution should work on any Apple device, yes including iPhone 4S, iPad 2/3, etc., but now nobody knows anything about it. The hacker tests the opportunity to make a downgrade on these devices and appears to have progressed a lot and if he do manage to downgrade the terminal, his solution might become public.

To make downgrade possible would be required blobs for iOS versions to which we want to return, so if you do not have something like this available, you should not even think about the possibility to use it. Now look at everything as a simple possibility and that nothing is as sure as it seems, but I will announce when updates occur. Stay tuned for more information about the downgrade.