Download Adaptu Wallet Android apk

On April 12, 2013

Keeping tab on the finance can be headache If we consider the spread of accounts and the constantly moving of money. In such case mobile apps can be handy to keep tab over multiple bank accounts, transactions and the savings. Some of the apps also come with web interface and desktop apps, which makes it easy for you to sync the changes from any one of these places. I have used plenty of apps in personal finance category and found that Adaptu Wallet app is much easier to use compared to other apps in the market. It’s just make things easy for you to access, sort and manage with few clicks of buttons.

You can Download Adaptu Wallet from Google Play. It is free to use app and you don’t have to pay for it. However Free version has some limitations and we’ll discuss those later. You get cloud storage with the Adaptu with which you can sync the details, that way your settings and the details are also preserved and are not lost in case if you have account issues.

User Interface

At first you will find it a bit difficult to navigate to all the settings to see your options. You have to start to by joining the Adaptu and then setting you access password before adding any details. Once you do all the setup steps, you are all set to go ahead with the adding financial details in adaptu.

Adaptu Wallet syncs the data between the app and the web interface whenever the new changes are added to either one of the interface. It takes some time in case of the mobile interface but if the network is fast then changes are rather quick.

You can setup credit card, bank and other financial details by going into the My Wallet page and add respective details. You can setup your bank login from the Adaptu itself. Though not all banks will support this, however for US based banks, it is quite easy to setup under the Adaptu.


Adaptu wallet’s sync fetaure is handy because it let’s you sync the details between multiple devices and web interface. You also get to use secure access feature with 4 digit access code, It will be useful for accessing bank websites and other financial portals.

For those who wants to keep track on the spending, there’s feature called “View Cash Flow Details”. This place shows your incoming and outgoing financial details. It makes things very easy for you by automating and sorting the financial details for you.

Adaptu Wallet is easy to use App for those who are interested in managing their money. It does have some quirks and issues sometimes but it just works. If you’re looking for an app to manage your money, check Adaptu Wallet app.