Download Agent Dash Android Apk

On May 14, 2013

Temple Run started a new form of sliding and scrolling game genre. Instead of the horizontal scrolling these games offer the movement in the forward direction using either the tilting or the sliding features. Agent Dash is one of the game that makes use of the similar concept. It has typical features of the temple run game but offers much better graphics and gaming experience.
You can Download Agent Dash from Android App Store. It is free of cost game and you only need modern version of android in order to install this game. The replay value of the game is better just like temple run. You’ll find yourself playing this game more than once.

Controls: Agent Dash has controls of swipe up and down, tilting. Most of the game makes use of tilting as there are lots of obstacles to manage. The obstacles here could be anything depending on the path agent dash is following. I have noticed that most of the city roads has blockers and some other obstacles whereas night time scenario has some random hard to dodge obstacles.

Game allows you to compete with your friends on social networks like facebook. The interface also has the top chart where you can see the score of your friends and others and you can try to beat that score. You can expect laser beams, bombs and few other hi tech obstacles that you see in spy movies.

There are some good gadget upgrades that you can use like parachutes, slow down time and jetpacks. Most of these gadgets are very handy and helps you manage agent from falling into traps. These upgrades can be purchased from store or can be exchanged for the coins that you collect while playing the game.

Graphics: Each scenario where the agent is moving is beautiful. It does reminds you of temple run in some of the levels. It has however some beautiful FX for the gadgets and the bonus point collection. In terms of graphics agent dash is more impressive compared to Temple Run and it’s clones. You’ll observe the graphical superiority in first few levels of the game.

Audio: FX sounds and the background sounds are not annoying. However, I prefer to shut the sound down in progressive levels where the speed of the agent is harder to control. You’ll find it much more pleasing If you enjoy background sounds while playing this game.

If you played temple run game before then you’ll find agent dash much more fun to play.