Download Amazing Alex Android Apk

On April 19, 2013

Physics Games are fun to play. We have plenty of physics games reviewed in the past. Amazing Alex is one more physics game we have played recently. It is yet another challenging game from Rovio Studio -the  makers of Angry Birds series. They have released this new physics game and maintained their streak. As this game is more focused on the younger gaming users, It has yet to catch the popularity like Angry Birds. It is not even close to Angry Birds on the points of addictive playing, Difficulty and Fun. But still, It’s worth playing once for fun.

You can Download Amazing Alex Android Apk from Google Play Store. Game comes in three different version – Free, Pro and HD version. Free version is restricted to only 16 levels of physics challenges. Pro version costs 99 cents and has 100 levels of Gameplay and it also allows you to download more levels from the Rovio site. The HD version is no different than Pro version, It just has HD graphics and Sounds, not worth spending money on that in my opinion. There’s nothing interesting about the HD version from what we hear from the fellow gamers.

Plot – You’re playing the role of a teenager Alex. You’re going to find a way to solve some of the interesting physics puzzles. You have to place or move things around particular place in order to solve the puzzle. Puzzle can be anything from finding a way out of certain odd places. Keeping things back in the order where they are supposed to be and many other variations of the game. As you progress to higher level, the complexity and the difficulty of the puzzle increases as well. You have to rethink on some of the placements in order to solve some higher level puzzles.

Levels – Amazing Alex is divided into four chapters and you have to play each level to earn three stars. All the chapters combined gives you a total of 100 levels. You can repeat the level as many times as you want to earn the highest star.

Some of the levels do remind me Angry Birds puzzle pattern but rest assured, It is not angry birds clone. You will have plenty of levels which are completely new and challenging as well.

Game also has feature to allow you to download the bonus levels from the Rovio database. There is another feature where the user can create his own custom level. Do note the fact that once you create and upload your own level, Rovio can use the puzzle in their future games or distribute it for money. It’s just how their terms work when you upload the levels to their database.

It is not addictive game like angry birds, but it does have it’s fun moments. If you’re angry birds fan and not a young person who don’t like guided physics games then you should consider skipping the purchase of Amazing Alex game.