Download Angry Birds Star Wars Android Apk

On May 2, 2013

Rovio is coming up with one hit after another with their Angry Birds game series. This time they picked Star Wars movie theme for their new game. This new game has a multiple star wars theme stages where you are going to solve excellent physics puzzles. It also has all the old characters that you used in previous games and some of the new birds made only for the star wars theme. Angry Birds Star Wars is released for both – android and ipad platform, so If you own one of these tablets or phones then you can get the game from the respective app store.

You can Download Angry Birds Star Wars Android Apk from Google Play. It is priced at 2.99$ which reasonable price considering the amount of time you are going to play this game. The updates to the games are priced at free of cost, and you do not have to pay for them.

Game Plot :  Pigs are stealing the eggs again and this time they are in the Star Wars universe. Each bird is playing role of some star wars character. So you get to see the robots, bird characters and the pigg villains as per the star wars theme. You will also find some of the old birds dressed up in the star wars theme. They will be used for same purpose but with different style.

As the Game universe is in space so you get to experience the mix of gravity in between space and inside some space ships. You’ll complete the campaigns as per the star wars random storyline. Each level requires you to gain 3 stars to unlock some mystery levels.  The warp zone doesn’t seem to be appearing in any level as far as I know so you can check If you there exists one.

Graphics : Like any other game in the series, this game also has an excellent graphics. You will not find anything bad in terms of the graphics. Depending on your platform, there are not even any sort of crash or the effects issues too. Each level has an excellent gravity effect and the background. Some of the backgrounds inside the ship are nicely arranged as a star wars theme.

Sound: Game sounds are good and does make you feel like star wars episode. It does have few special sound effects for the characters too. It doesn’t annoyed me a bit at all.

If you have played any of the angry bird series game before then you’ll surely find this game interesting. The new set in the space will surely keep you hooked to this game for quite some time.