Download Ankidriod Android apk

On February 19, 2013

Learning a new language or keeping track of equations can be done easily with the help of flashcards. If you’re using these flashcards made up of paper then you are basically wasting a lot of money and paper. Anki is one application that you can use to manage lots of flashcard at free of cost. Anki is not only available for Windows, Mac but also for Linux and android phones.

You can Download Ankidroid at Android App store. It free of cost application for android users. It does cost you 25$ If you download it from Itunes for your ipad or iphone. So android users are lucky to have this app for free and not to forget this app beats many expensive flashcard apps out there. It is similar to the desktop app “Anki” so there is not much of a learning curve with this android app. You can also sync your PC data with the phone and vice versa. It is very simple to do it and version compatibility issues does not exist. App version integrates with home screen and also has reminder system.

App Interface

Ankidroid app basically makes use of a concept of flashcard and makes it easy for you to remember stuff. This is useful if you’re learning foreign language or trying to improve your vocabulary or increase your word list in any specific language of your choice.

Add the words or the alphabets into the app flashcards and then when you wish to remember it, just run the app. It will help you remember and also cram the wordlist if you’re studying for an exam overnight. You have to understand that In order to cram as well you need to click on “hard”, “easy” buttons honestly so that flashcard can remember your preference and forces you to learn wordlist accordingly.

Deck Review

When it comes to reviewing the card deck you will be given a screen where you can start with the review process. Rate your progress for each card so that the program keeps log of harder cards and present you that until you get better at it.

Also note that as progress goes ahead you get to choose when the card should appear. Usually each rating it timed by default and you can also assign the time period as per your comfort.

Widget and App Reminder

If you wish to remember cards at certain intervals then reminders are your best bet. You can also invoke the card browser from the home screen widget which makes it easy to browse the cards and also to review them.

Ankidroid is a free app for flashcard management. If you’re learning foreign language or requires keeping track of something that requires flashcard, then ankidroid is your option.