Download Anomaly Earth HD Android apk

On April 23, 2013

Tower Defense Games are fun to play from the Defensive angle. It can addictive if the enemies are strong and come in one wave after another. Have you tried playing any Tower defense game from enemy perspective? It would be cool isn’t it? Anomaly Earth is one such tower defense game that is designed from the enemy perspective. The player is going to play the game by reaching the destination and handling the attacks from the tower at the same time. It  becomes more addictive when the tower deployed by the each level becomes more harder to pass through. If you like tower defense game then you should give Anomaly Earth a try.

You can Download Anomaly Earth from Google Play Store. It costs 3.99 USD for the HD edition, which is the only edition they have up on the store as of now. Considering the addictive gameplay and the graphics, this small cost is worth spending on this game. However note that, some device may or may not support this game due to HD graphics. So make sure your device supports this game. As of now there are 11 levels and fans are hoping that in future they may add more levels in the game update.

Plot: Aliens have invaded the earth and are making their defenses stronger with towers and the citadels. It is your job to destroy their defenses by getting inside their citadels. You have an army to control which makes it easy for you to get inside their defensive system. Twist here is that each guarding tower is making your life difficult so you have to make your wave speedy and powerful enough to infiltrate the alien defense system. If you don’t make it till the end, you lose earth.

Gameplay: Each level is unique and you will face powerful and tricky towers before entering the alien defenses. You will also get strong and larger stamina army which helps you hold your grounds while attacking. With every level, the difficulty of the game will change and towers passage will become even more harder to pass through. It all depends on how you make the strategy to beat the towers. You have to think from the enemy perspective in order to attack the defenses.

Graphics and Soundtrack: I didn’t find the soundtrack annoying at all. FX sounds are cool too. Graphics being an HD game is good as well. You get some classy effects from time to time. However, make sure your device can handle HD game like this before you pay for download.

I found that Anomaly Earth HD game is worth playing if you’re tower defense gamer.