Download Asteroid Defense Android apk from Google Play

On February 6, 2013

Tower Defense Games are rarely compared with mainstream games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. Asteroid Defense seems to be the only game with maximum installs on android device in the Tower Defense category. That is not all the replay of this game is what makes this game stand out from all the android games in the market. If you like playing challenging tower defense games then Asteroid Defense is the game to look out.

You can Download Asteroid Defense Android Apk from Google Play Store. It is free of cost game from the Deon Games. It has much more replay value than most of the Paid games out there. So you get high quality tower defense game at free of cost. It also includes regular updates of levels and many other extras in the game. You can also submit your score and see where you stand on scoreboard. That is not all you can make the gameplay in Infinite mode which basically increases level fun you can have with this game.

Game Play : You are supposed to protect the territory from the asteroid attacks. You will be given specific towers in each level depending on your cash which you can use. Each tower is unique to stop the asteroids of certain type and you are going to earn cash by destroying them. So It all depends on how you protect the region and make some cash to buy stronger towers.

As the level goes higher, It becomes harder for you to buy new towers and protect the territory. It has mix of difficulty and fun in each level. You do not get complete control over the levels no matter how much cash you get. As you get enough cash, the bombarding from asteroids and the need for towers increases. So you will be hooked to this game for quite sometime trying to figure out how to destroy the asteroids with available towers.

Graphics – Though this game is distributed for free, Deon games has paid attention to the details of graphics. You feel like you’re playing those space tower defense games. There isn’t much to complain about graphic side of this game. You get everything pretty much perfect with this type of the game.

Audio – I found FX sounds very impressive. They don’t annoy you with any specific sound and there isn’t any sound that shouldn’t be there. Game has this perfect balance of sound and graphics.

This game also updates regularly, and each new level has some exciting tower or level of difficulty in the game. If you like playing tower defense games then you should not miss this game.