Download Babel Rising 3D Android Apk

On May 6, 2013

Tower Defense Games are coming in a lot of variations lately. Some of these variations are mixed with first person strategy gaming genre. If you ever played Age of Mythology game then I am sure you are going to find Babel Rising 3D game interesting.

You can Download Babel Rising 3D Android Apk from Google Play store. It is free of charge game with In-app purchase after certain levels. So you can say that this is freemium tower defense game. As the price is 0.99$, you that is quite cheap. Also the game is worth playing more than once so It definitely has some replay value. If you like tower defense game then Babel Rising is worth adding into your collection.

Plot: You’re playing the role of almighty god who wants to stop the people from making the tower of the babel. As the priests and the people build tower to the next level, you get very few powers to stop them. So you have to take control of the situation and stop them from completing the tower.

Game-play: At first humans come from one side of the building and you are supposed to stop them. After some time you will find that humans are going to be coming from multiple sides and then game becomes quite difficult. You need to be good at the aim to take them down. You get some one-time user powers to stop the humans from building the tower. Each level comes up with one special power that you can use to stop the work force.

Once the human invokes the priest then stopping the humans become even more difficult. Each human gets a bubble power that protects them from your attacks. You will also find it hard to kill the priest in this game. You have a target per level to kill the humans and If you fail to reach that target, you will have to start over.

Graphics: As the game title suggests, It is in 3D and you will find the typical Babylonian atmosphere throughout all the levels. The towers, palace and other civilian homes are designed very effectively. You will definitely feel like playing mythological game in tower defense genre. It also has characters that resemble the people from that time-line.

Sound: I didn’t find anything interesting in terms of FX sounds or the background sound. The FX sound for the lightening and the other God Powers is typical like any other mythological game. You can expect that there are some professional sound effects in between the game.

If you like playing tower defense game then give Babel Rising 3D a shot. I am sure you’re going to enjoy this game.