Download Bejeweled for Android apk

On April 30, 2012

Bejeweled is quite popular tile matching game. There are many variations of this game which are floating at android app store. Some of the known bejeweled game variations are based on scenario, puzzles and speed. If you like this tile matching game then you’ll definitely love this new bejeweled game for android (apk on the link below).

If you check the Android store, this game has a new version released for Android phones 1.6 and above. There are many new changes made to the game compared to the previous releases. You can now download Bejeweled for Android apk game on Google play.

Game-play : Bejeweled requires you to match the tiles and it will explode on it’s own giving you points to level up. You start the game by matching 3 gems at a time and let them explode to give you new colored gems and of course points. If you blast 4 or more gems then it will create a power gem that lets you blast other gems as bonus with brilliant cascades and combos.

Download Bejeweled Apk

You can choose your speed and style of Bejeweled in the options. Classic option is quite easy to understand while other speedy options will increase the gameplay. The challenges become more difficult as you level up but you also get help of hints and power gems.

In case if you failed to spot a combination then there is a hint-on-demand option to help you. You may not need the help during the early challenges but surely you’ll need help as challenges become more harder. Some of the tile backgrounds are not only beautiful but also more difficult as you level up. It is quite addictive if you play the challenges in one go and pass through some of the difficult levels.

Bejeweled runs on Android 1.6 and higher version. So if your phone has a recent android update then Bejeweled will run smoothly on it. Just make sure you have a decent network speed to download and install it.

As of now Bejeweled takes some time to download as it is quite graphically rich and in turn has a massive apk download size. If you are on 3G or high speed telecom network then chances are that this will take few minutes to download. Depending on your speed you can choose the download from Google Play or Android Store of your mobile operator.