Download Bouncy Mouse Android app from Google Play

On February 15, 2013

Tired of Angry Birds? Want to play something similar but with a twist? You should take a look at Bouncy Mouse. It is one good game similar to the angry birds theme. It has a bit kiddish graphics compared to angry birds but the gaming experience is superb. You don’t have to learn much gaming control to play this game. It’s just shooting for the aim using the Bouncy Mouse.

You can Download Bouncy Mouse Android Apk from Google Play Store. It is ad supported game so you can download free of cost. If you don’t like the ads in game then there is an option to upgrade ad removed version. It is also one of the huge download game on the android marketplace. It requires 13MB space on the phone, you can however move it to the SD card. If you consider the replay value of the game, It is worth all the hassles to keep this game.

Game Play: Like angry birds, Bouncy mouse is out on quest to get back the cheese from the evil captain cat. Game makes use of various adventure and physics tactics to put difficult and exciting levels in front of you. It is your job to get bouncy mouse on guide through all these levels.

You have to pick mouse tail from one end and guide it to nearest pin until you reach the captain cat. This becomes harder as you slowly navigate from one pin to another with some obstacles. These obstacles include bees, critters and few other random enemies that will make it hard for you to reach the pin. If you get obstructed by them and don’t make it to the captain cat then you lose the game. You get four lives to complete the level and then you have to restart the level.

You’re also supposed to collect the cheese crumbs which makes opens hidden bonus levels for you. These bonus levels open up the graphical trail or any other level specific trails for you. It is fun playing these random bonus levels but you won’t miss much fun If you skip it by chance.

Graphics & Sounds: I liked the graphical experience of this game. It has fresh characters and effects compared to most of the games out there. Sound isn’t annoying either, however for most of the android games I have it turned off. If you like playing adventure physics game then you should try Bouncy Mouse game. It is fun experience to play this game.