Download Cheezia: Gears of Fur Android Apk

On April 29, 2013

Platform Game with Physics elements can be fun to play. Cheezia is honest attempt from the developers to merge two different gaming genres for addictive game-play. Cheezia : Gears of Fur is fun adventure game with elements of physics gaming that makes challenges a lot more interesting and worth playing. It’s not your typical adventure game where you are completing the levels like Mario or Sonic. It lets you solve some puzzles and makes the game experiences even more fun.

You can Download Cheezia: Gears of Fur Apk from Google Play. It has the two versions available – Free and Full. Free version of the Game has limited levels but  doesn’t restrict you with anything within those levels. If you want extended game-play then you are supposed to upgrade the game for nominal cost of 1.99$. If you like the game during it’s free run, you can upgrade if you like. I personally found this game worth upgrading due to the challenges that were presented in this game.

Game Plot: You are playing a role of mouse in cogwheel. Your job is to save some of the recipes and food items from the Evil Kiwinel Bird. You will be presented with plenty of physics puzzles and typical platform gaming scenario to find your way out of each level. There are traps and regions where you’re likely to fail but you have to manage your life out of all this.

You can go left and right and also jump in among the obstacles. With tablet the gaming experience at first will be much harder and you will find it difficult to manage things.

If you like playing platform games then you will find that there are some challenges in Cheezia Gears of Fur games which are based on physics. So this game has the mixture of two genres and creates an addictive gaming experience. At some point you will find some levels which are predictable but it does keep you hooked to the game nonetheless.

Graphics and Sound: I personally found no issue with the way graphics is presented in this game. Except the mouse and few enemies, most of the stuff in this game is 2D. There is no issue of annoying sounds in background or in the FX. So you see there is not much for me to complain about the game from that side.

There is a lot of similarity to the games like Sonic and Mario but Cheezia maintains it uniqueness with physics challenges in it. If you like such hybrid genre games then you will love playing Cheezia: Gears of Fur.