Download Chuck the Muck Android Apk

On June 19, 2013

Chuck the Muck is an adventure platform puzzler game that is fun and addictive to play. You can Download Chuck the Muck Android Apk from Google Play store. It is free of cost game,  and the replay value and the addictiveness of the game tells you that game is much better. So overall, the game is worth playing atleast once and considering the cost as free, you’re not going to lose anything at all.

There is however one catch with the in-app game purchase and the point shop. This may not be restrictive to your game experience, but it does speed up the gameplay. So the game owners are like giving an option to use game shop for the point exchange for using the feature in the game levels.

You are playing the role of a critter called chuck, and trying to get through the exit. There are some of the obstacles and the physics arrangement which you have to manage in order to go through each levels. This concept is used in many other physics puzzle games but the difference in the game is that there is humor. As the puzzles are interesting to solve, the platform puzzler chuck the muck is quite interesting and fun to play. There are some of the additional powers that you have to earn or buy from the shop, which makes the levels very easy to play. However, buying from the shop doesn’t seem to be any worthy If you know how these in-app game purchase wastes your money. Game does have a quality experience but paying for the abilities is something I don’t prefer to do while playing the game.

Chuck the muck has really great graphics for the game. In terms of the FX effects and the layout of each level, you can see that they have paid attention to the lot of details. In terms of graphics, there does seem to be be quite clutter in the game. Though, we don’t pay attention to it unless we are finding it hard to get our way around the game. Each environment in the levels is designed very beautifully and If you have played the similar other games then you’re going to like graphics of this game too. Sound and the game effects are not noisy and they are fun. In fact some of the sounds are worth keeping on while playing this game.

If you like playing adventure puzzler games then I am sure you will enjoy playing chuck the muck game on your android device.