Download Contre Jour Android Apk

On March 26, 2013

Physics puzzles are fun to solve on the touch devices. Android market is getting quite popular with the different types of the physics games. Contre jour is the new physics game in the android market. It has gained a lot of following last few weeks because of the graphics and the gameplay. Those who like playing physics based puzzles should consider taking a look at contre jour. It does have some similar puzzles like most of the games out there but the environment and the graphics makes it look much different while playing the game. If nothing else, you’ll find graphics interesting in this game.

You can Download Contre Jour from Google Play store. It costs 3 bucks to download this game and It does have a replay value as the game is in physics puzzle genre. If you’re into physics based puzzle solving games then shelling out few bucks on this game is worth the investment. The progressive nature of the puzzle makes me recommend this game to anyone who likes physics puzzles.

Game Play:

You’re guiding a one-eyed monster called petit, to the exit. He makes use of multiple ways to manipulate the blob and move him towards the exit. There are some tutorials that you need to follow before playing this game. These guided tutorials tell you how to manipulate the petit in order to solve the puzzle.

The basic requirement here is to exit petit out of particular scenario and then you move ahead to different level. Each scenario gives you limited resources in order to manipulate the petit. This makes the game more difficult and that is why the puzzle becomes more interesting.

You may find the concept similar to cut the rope and few other types of games. However each puzzle does have some unique difficult part and you’ll be forced to think in order to exit the petit. You have to make sure that you are not dropping the petit into the om-nom’s mouth. That’s where the game ends and you’ll have to restart the level.

Graphics and Sound:

Though the graphics is 2D, the graphics is simply stunning. It has modern graphics feel for the blob world which is a very eyecandy to watch. The sound around the blobs movement and in the background is atmospheric and keeps you hooked to the game.

I personally found this game interesting to play with all the puzzles around petit. If you like playing physics puzzles,take a look at contre jour.