Download Epic Pirates Story Android Apk

On June 12, 2013

Adventure games based on  Kairosoft model are quite common among simulator games. Though such games are not much addictive for modern gamers. Those who have played adventure game with  Kairosoft model are going to enjoy this new twist with Epic pirate story.  It is beautifully designed game but offers a dull and repetitive gameplay.

You can download Epic Pirates Story game from Google Play Store. At the cost of 0.99$ there isn’t much to lose if you wish to try out an adventure game. Considering the replay value and less addictive game play, you’ll notice that it is not much of interesting game. However, if you have played old console adventure games in the past then epic pirates may be yet another adventure for you. Though, it has nothing new to offer to you in terms of gameplay. It has some fun levels to play and spend some time and that is all to the game.

At first the levels are very easy to play but after sometime they are going to be quite hard to play. You’ll also find that buildings are also not upgradeable in later levels. You have to also make effort on the other parts of the game in order to keep up with game AI. As the game speed is increased, you’ll notice that it is quite hard to play with it. There are some events in the town that you have to play in order to boost your pirate stats. Some of the events like feed a shark, wooden leg skate contest are quite funny and also add up to the stats.

Graphics: The game is designed in a such way that it looks like a old console adventure game. It absolutely copies some of the old console game maps and the design in every level. If you have played the old console games prior to 2000 then you’ll notice a lot of similarity in terms of graphics. Though the graphics isn’t bad, it’s not much attractive either. The character design is good and there is nothing much can be improved considering the way it is designed graphically.

Audio: Nothing much annoying from the audio. The background sound and the specific FX sounds are placed very effectively.

If you like adventure and strategy game, where you have to build everything from scratch then you are going to like the epic pirates games. Though it is quite hard and boring but it does offer you an adventure of pirate life.