Download Evernote Android App apk

On August 6, 2012

Note taking is one of the habit that helped me solve a lot of memory problems in the past. I realized that I have collected a huge chunk of notebooks while jotting down notes while traveling or before going to sleep. Now that we have computers, taking notes and organizing them is lot easier. All you have to do is use the right app for taking the notes. As this is one of the important task many people do in their everyday life, there are thousands of note taking apps on the Internet. Enter Evernote.

Evernote is much different from other note taking services found on the web. It allows you to take notes  on desktop, tablets and mobile phone. It is not only helpful for taking notes but also to take audio and video notes which can be useful for your academic or research related use. It also saves you images and makes it easy for you to organize so that you can find the notes of any type easily.

You can Download Evernote Android app for free. It does not cost you to download the app. As the service is available in free and paid subscription, you’ll be charged as per your account. The restrictions for free Evernote accounts are 512MB per month for upload and 1GB for the downloading of the data. I think for basic usage, free accounts are enough for most of the users. If you intend to use the service more often then Pro accounts which have nominal cost are the way to go. You can always upgrade later based on your needs.

When you open Evernote app, It will offer you option to either take screenshot, upload files (from variety of formats supported by android phone), take text notes and audio notes.

Most popular use of the Evernote app is for the text based notes and you can test this option to see how the notes sync with the web based account.

The text note option in Evernote offers you an Interface with text editor and the writing area. Here you have to type the notes and then save the changes. You can either sync it at the end or save in between as per your choice. If you’re using Evernote on tablet then you’ll find it very easy to read while you take notes.

The Snapshot option in Evernote allows you to take images and you can upload them into your account. As for audio option, you can record the audio within the application and save it on your phone or tablet and then sync it to your web based account. Upload files options is like drop-box service where you can upload various file types on your Evernote account.

This app is handy if you’re a blogger, journalist or a student and require a note taking app. Other than note taking Evernote also helps in sorting and storing various other files, so any person interested in data storage and sorting will find it useful.