Download Fantasy Kingdom Defense Android Apk

On April 22, 2013

Tower Defense Games are addictive. These games are not only heavily loaded with graphics but they also don’t play along with the low end devices. So I decided to search for the game which has nice compatibility with older android versions. I found Fantasy Kingdom Defense working smoothly just fine on older devices and versions of Android OS. It is simple tower defense game which is very easy to learn even for people who are new to the tower defense games. It has medieval theme for the tower defense so those who like playing games on this theme will surely love it.

You can Download Fantasy Kingdom Defense from Google Play Store. It is free of cost tower defense game. It is also available in the HD edition. Campaigns are also added and game is updated on regular basis. Game does prompt you to see if there are any campaigns update available, you can choose to check or ignore new updates depending on your choice. If you get addicted to the theme of this game then surely you will find the new campaigns interesting and you will download them.

Game Play:  User will be given a castle and few characters to defend the castle. Each wave brings the enemies which you’re supposed to defense by placing your soldiers and respective weapons to stop them. Your goal is to stop them from getting inside the castle.

You have to select the characters and place them in specific region on the map. These soldiers are going to battle to save the castle. Make sure you check their region of control. If the enemy comes within or stays within the region of control, these soldiers are going to attack. So make sure you get the placement right If you wish to defend your castle.

Graphics: If you check the HD version of the Fantasy Kingdom Defense game, you’ll notice that It has an excellent graphics. Each character – be it enemy or the defending soldier, the graphics is very attractive for them. FX are not much but wherever the poof and magic effects are used, they look much better.

Sound : I do have a complaint about this game on the sound section. The sound can be annoying sometimes. So it is better to turn it low or make it off If you wish to. I have found it annoying on background music side and in some points where new wave attacks.

If you’re hardcore tower defense gamer then you may not feel impressed with this game. It is simple and is a bit low on addictive level for the seasoned gamers. However for those who never played tower defense game, It is one good game to check out.