Download Fieldrunners HD Android Apk

On April 18, 2013

Tower defense games keep me stuck with android tablets all day. Playing these games and beating score of some other users is addictive part . Each tower defense game has it’s unique feature and they vary in enemies, speed and tower concepts. I found Fieldrunners HD to be graphically rich and addictive in terms of game-play. It is not your typical army tower defense game and It differs a lot in terms of many game variables.

You can Download Fieldrunners HD from Google Play Store. It is not a free game so you have to shell out 2.99$ for this game. It’s not expensive and If you’re tower defense gamer then I am sure you don’t mind spending 2 bucks for this game.


Fieldrunners starts like any other typical tower defense map where you have to protect the region by placing the towers. In each level you get some basic towers and then you have to either level them up or buy powerful towers which stand the enemy waves of that respective level.

At the start of the game, you get some pretty basic towers, and you have to level them to stand the stronger waves. You have to finish enemies quicker and earn points so that you can level up the initial towers. If you failed to do that then surely enemy waves are going to be powerful on you with each round.

Placement of the tower is also very important in this game because even if the single enemy crosses your region, you lose lives and in turn lowers your chance of reaching another round. So you have to destroy as many enemies from reaching the end.

Game also moves quickly from one level to another with slow pause in between each round. You get better towers with each level and you get fast-pace feel of this game. Not only level comes with powerful enemies but speed of each wave per level is also increased.


I found graphics of Fieldrunners HD game very good with lots of FX for towers and for every new enemy. Each level has refreshing map with excellent graphics for objects like – enemies, towers and FX.


I did found out that sound is a bit annoying in some parts. You can turn it off or put it on mild level. FX sound is good and doesn’t annoy you at all.


Though game is good to play for those who are into tower defense game, there are some shortcomings of this game. It lacks depth, you get some repetitive feel after playing this game for sometime. Graphics is good but limited due to the objects which are also limited. And biggest limit of this game is that there are only four maps to play. You get lots of maps or At-least levels in other tower defense game but unfortunately this game has limited itself to only four.

In any case, this game is worth playing atleast once If you like tower defense game.