Download FxCamera Android apk

On April 3, 2013

Photographs with Hipster FX are quite trend these days, thanks to Instagram. There are plenty of apps coming out in the market with similar or diverse range of effects. Though¬†Instagrams effects are limited in number, there are plenty of other apps to choose from if you wish to add effect of your own choice. There are some apps which can let you customize an effect to your own choice. Again these apps are quite costly. If you’re in search of an app which has multiple effects and costs free then FxCamera is an app for you.

You can download FxCamera app from Google Play. It is free of cost app and you don’t have to pay for any professional features. It is standalone app with no upsell or limited trial or locked feature in it. However it comes with only five effects which are good enough for casual photography. If you’re a professional photographer then this app may not be for you. You have to find some other app with more power features and customization options.

Though the limited effects may not be an issue for some users, there are plenty of things you can do with them, depending on the shot you have taken. Each photograph is different and you are surely going to enjoy making remixes using the available effects.

User Interface – FxCamera app lets you choose the photo and then lets you apply the effects using the bottom toolbar. It has plenty of other settings as well so you can manage the effects as per your choice.

Effects – There are some of the fun effects that you can add to your pictures. One of my favorite is toycam effect. This effect is very quick to apply, just push the button and see how it changes your image. Another effect that looks cool is – fisheye, I am sure you have seen plenty of facebook images with that fisheye effect. Last cool effect that you can add is – Poster, this effect makes anime or comic style effect to your picture. Rest of the two effects are not much interesting however they can be handy for people who work with lots of picture.

More features

Other than effects, It helps you to share your images to social media websites like facebook, twitter and few other services. They are in the process of adding more social service in future, so you can expect tumblr and flickr on that list.

Few other features like say front facing camera and timer are much better for bloggers and social media users.

At the end, FxCamera is good app for casual photography usage for social media websites and tumblr posting.