Download Granny Smith Android Apk

On April 30, 2013

Platform Games are fun to play on tablets with simple tapping and sliding features. Some of the platform games on the android are quite addictive because of their challenging themes. Granny Smith is one such game which has got lots of downloads and turns out to be one of the popular game for android. It has the perfect mix of the physics in the platform game and addictive challenges. If you like playing platform game then you will sure enjoy Granny Smith on Android.

Go ahead and Download Granny Smith Android Apk from Google Play Store. It is not much expensive game and costs only 1$. Considering the experience that you get from this game, It’s worth that single buck. Also the new updates to the game are free as well, so you have nothing to lose and have always something new to look forward into. Granny Smith works with Android 2.3 version and onwards, so make sure you’re using new android update.

Game Plot: Granny Smith has found that she has some apples missing from her garden. She wants to catch the thief and get her apples back. It is your job as  a gamer to help her get apples back. You have to use various ways to guide the granny to catch thief – who is hiding at various places.

Twist to the game is that granny is on her skates to speed things up in order to catch the thief. So you have to make sure that you crash less and manage your way in the path. You’ll find that the characters that you’re managing are likely to crash all over the place and it becomes more challenging task at the end.

Gameplay: You as a player needs to catch the thief and collect all the three apples. There are also some coins to collect for more points. Though there is not much of replay returns because of these type of rewards. However the way game is set makes you want to play the game as the challenges are very addictive.

Graphics: Each level has a unique background and the graphics for each level is nicely done. It also lets you view the game preview in the vintage mode which is basically more like black and white view of the game-play. These replays are called “vintage replays”. They are fun to view if you are fan of such game preview features.

Sound: I didn’t find anything annoying with respect to the sound for this game. On the sound side, everything is placed perfectly where it should be.

If you want your kids or yourself to spend some time on good platform game on android tablet, I suggest taking a look at Granny Smith.