Download iTunes 11.1 And iOS 7 Beta 4 Now

On July 31, 2013

The new iOS 7 Beta 4 is available during last night for iOS application developers, but now you can also download it, if you are interested.

If you already have iOS 7 installed, you can make an OTA update without any problems, but if you cannot go through this process, then you can use a build of iOS 7 to install this operating system version. Below are all the links of compatible Apple devices.


Along with iOS 7 beta 4, Apple has released iOS 5.4 beta 3 last night for Apple TV’s, the company implementing a few new things for its users. For starters, it seems that some may see the Netflix profile directly from Apple TV, but this feature is currently only available to a select number of users. Apart from this, now Apple TV’s owners have the ability to purchase music from the iTunes Store using the remote control, all songs are available in the iTuned library from iDevice/Macs.