Download Jail Break Android apk

On January 31, 2013

Puzzle games are quite fun to play on Android phones or tablets. Touch based interaction of these games makes it very addictive compared to the games which makes use of buttons. Jail break is one such puzzle game which makes use of touch gestures for it’s working. You’ll find that jail break game is very addictive if you like the mystery and adventure style puzzles. It has some humor in it too. You won’t get disappointed with this one as it has everything that you need from a typical adventure puzzle game.

You can Download Jail Break from Google play. It is free game so you don’t have to pay for it. This game has no social media annoyance so you can play without much nagging from Facebook or Google plus. All you have to do is install, know the game controls and then start playing. It has few seconds of intro for you to understand what you have to do in this game. Once that is cleared, you’ll be presented with bunch of challenges.

Game-play – Game starts with the mission to rescue three different heroes from the jail. It is up-to you to guide every hero to go out of the prison and escape from the officials. You’ll find that game has funny animation and simple controls to complete the challenge. But you will have to work on your way to solve these challenges. Jail break definitely keeps you hanging until the last challenge. It makes you click or push randomly on your phone to solve the challenge sometimes. There is one problem with the game – dark effects.

As this game is based on the jail break, they have used the darkness more than¬† necessary for the game. Many times you’ll find yourself struggling with controls. If you somehow managed to click or push on the right objects, It may help you to solve the game. Again this is the only drawback of this game.


Jail break has total six levels of adventures where you’re solving some of the funny prison puzzles. If you ignore the darkness issue of this game, there is plenty of fun to do with this game. Animated humor is fun too.

If you like adventure puzzle games then I suggest you to give this game a try. I am sure you’ll find it fun to play this game.