Download KeePass Android App apk

On November 23, 2012

Surfing becomes difficult on touch devices If you spend a lot of your time typing login information on every social network and the portals which require you to login to access the content. Password managers are quite handy in such situations because you get to choose harder passwords and also keeps them in encrypted location. There are plenty of password managers out there and It’s not easy to choose the right one among them.

KeePass Droid is one such application that lets you save the passwords in encrypted form and also prompts them to use where you need to use them. Download KeePass Android App apk from Google Play store for Free.

User Interface

KeePass offers you simple interface to sort your passwords as per the site and It’s respective category. You get to sort the website as per it’s type and purpose. You can also save your bank and other login passwords and encrypt them. If the passwords are more than 8 characters long then It surely makes sense to save them somewhere safe.

If you’re using your phone, you can sync the password with Dropbox or Dropsync. You just have to launch dropbox and open the kdbx file. This will ask you to enter your password for the kdbx file and then make it default database for the system. This is one time operation and you don’t have to worry about the phone syncing and database rebuilding ever again.


You can search for the password based on it’s category and the usage. I am sure you will understand how effective this feature is If you have plenty of passwords to remember. It also lets you see the expiry date for passwords, modified and creation date. This comes in handy If your bank or the sensitive region passwords limited to some time period.

If you wish to see the passwords for Bank ATM or other similar purpose, you can just hit the tap and reveal your respective passwords. You can also set notification based on the usage of the password. It also helps you copy the passwords in clipboard so that you can go to any online site and use them on the fly.


There are some power settings which can improve your usage of the app. You can set the program to remember the keyfiles. Keep such settings to default as these settings are much better If you’re new to the password management.

It is one good app to manage passwords for variety reasons. It also keeps your passwords safe If you sync it with the dropbox or dropsync. This makes it easy for you to even change password manager.