Download Lemon Wallet Android Apk

On April 2, 2013

Personal finance apps are handy to track your expenses and backing up the receipts and card information. There are many apps with cloud storage solution that helps you to manage money. Mint is one such app across multiple mobile platforms that allows you to manage this information with ease. Similar app that does the job of tracking and logging the personal finance information more effectively is – Lemon wallet.

Lemon wallet not only allows you to take receipts of the spent money but also lets you back them up by scanning them. You can scan the cards, bank transactions, bills and many other receipts. This keeps log of your spending and the earnings in a cloud storage. The cloud storage feature costs 9$/month or 99$ per year subscription.

You can Download Lemon Wallet from Android App store. It is free to download but the cloud storage and the other features are going to cost you money. Download this app only If you are serious about the finance tracking and keeping log of the receipts. Free app does have some limitations in terms of features and for that reason I prefer to go with the pro version. One such limitation is that you have to list each and every receipt manually in case of free app which you can do easily with pro version with just a click.

Card and the receipt scanning feature not only keeps the information of the card but also maintain the original image. That way you can double check the information that you’re entering while making purchase online or at some shop. OCR isn’t perfect on the android devices but still the app does a good job of scanning the bills and cards for you. You can scan and keep log of various types of cards in your Lemon wallet like insurance card, credit card, debit card and the ID card. This is handy while writing the forms and other documents where you need to remember or to see the information on these cards.

App Security: Personal finance apps require a lot of security as they are maintaining your information. Lemon wallet keeps your data secure by encrypting it with 256 bit Hash. It does have pretty strong security on the cloud side as well. You are forced to enter the PIN before accessing your information online or on your phone. This makes it security even more strong in case your phone gets stolen, you don’t lose information to any thief.

Lemon Wallet is a good alternative to apps like Mint, If you keep log of your finances then this app is very handy.