Download Little Things Forever Android Apk

On May 8, 2013

Puzzle games that require you to spot things are quite common in comic books and newspapers. It is fun to solve such puzzles in the form of the android game. In case of the android tablets, you get to use various controls to zoom and scroll in order to solve the puzzles. Little Things Forever is one of the spot the object type puzzle game that makes playing game on android a fun experience. As this game has a lot of interesting puzzles, compared to many other “spot the difference” type of the puzzle android games.

You can Download Little Things Forever from Google Play store. It is free of cost game and It has plenty of puzzle levels to keep you busy for a while. I had fun playing this game while traveling. And though the UI of the game looks like child puzzles but It doesn’t have anything to do with the age of the players. Puzzle games don’t have much of the replay value but still game like this is worth playing more than once If you like solving puzzles.

Game Play:

The concept of the game is simple, there is going to be a shape of animal or bird made up of objects and the living beings. You have to separate the objects from the living beings and complete the puzzle. Here comes the interesting part, you have to find out more parts out before time ends. Some puzzles expect you to find the objects in under two minutes and some even less or more, depending on the shape. So with tablet, It becomes quite hard for you to manage the puzzle.

Each level has different time limit and a different shape from which you have to find the objects. Some interesting shapes are of dinosaurs, birds and dog. I am not sure how the kids will appreciate the time limit based puzzle game but If anyone who likes puzzles of this type are going to love the experience. As the puzzle is time limited you will be forced to quickly take the pieces out and beat the score. You may end up at the most, 16 or more pieces If you are good at tablet based gaming.

There are total 101 puzzles and 9 jigsaw puzzles to solve in order to complete the game. That’s why any player will be spending a lot of time trying to beat the score and end the game. It gets addictive with some of the puzzles.

Graphics and Sound of the game are pleasing and lets you focus on the puzzles instead of being a distraction. If you like solving puzzles then consider playing Little Things Forever.