Download Lockout Mobile Security Android apk

On March 26, 2013

Android phones like any other phone platform suffers from malware and the security issue. It is often because of the abuse from the app developers and sometimes due to the bad security practices from the device owner. There are plenty of antivirus and anti-malware solutions for android platform which can secure the device with any form of intrusion.

Lockout mobile security is an app that not only helps to keep the device secure against malware but also protects with device tracking and stealth feature. Download Lockout Mobile Security android apk from Google Store.

There are two version for this app – Free version with some of the basic features. Premium version that comes with some additional features like – Privacy Advisor, Safe Browsing and Web Interface for the device tracking. Premium version costs 2.99/month for the web based dashboard and other tracking related feature. Premium version is handy if you are heavily using your device.

For most of the general needs, the free app version is enough, for casual users.

User Interface – When you open the app, It shows you the minimal settings you are supposed to keep in order to protect your device. If you follow the default settings then it will keep your system from normal intrusion threats. You can enable more settings for the device tracking and other features.

Lockout Web Interface

This is premium only interface and you have to pay for the features which you may need for additional security. It offers you backup to online account, which you may not need if you are using some other backup app (which you should have instead of this app). Missing device tracking feature is very handy if you miss your device or If it gets robbed somehow.


Whenever you install a new app this scanner will check the app before letting it install on your device. This keeps you from installing any rogue app that modifies the system with the help of malware. If nothing else, atleast make sure to enable this feature.

You can also schedule the scanner as per the week or month or daily. You can specify specific time if you want to. There are also other ways to protect the device like lock and wipe. In this feature you cannot uninstall lockout and you have to password protect the app and disable the feature before making any system wide changes. This feature is handy if your device is regularly getting malware attacks.

The important feature of this app is locating the device and showing the owner via web interface. It can accurately show the device without any GPS connection and will also send the SMS protect the device.

For normal users some of the features like device tracking and protection may not be necessary If they are living in more secure environment and rarely get things stolen. Those who live in places where there is a lot of security issues, Lockout Mobile security app is very handy.