Download Machinarium Android apk

On February 19, 2013

Point and Click games used to be quite popular back in the 90’s. They’re quite rare these days as many new games are interactive in nature. Machinarium is a point and click game that is getting very popular these days among android gamers. If you like playing point and click games for solving puzzles then you are going to love this game. Amanita design spent a quite a lot of efforts in this games design and story. Though the game is relatively short compared to many other gaming titles, you’ll find it much better to play If you happen to like point-n-click games.

You can Download Machinarium Android apk from Google Play store. It costs 5 bucks to download this game. Considering the graphics and the gaming experience, It is worth paying for this game. Though the replay value of this game may not be much but you still It’s worth the graphic experience. It is also fun game for kids If you find them liking the point-n-click game style.

Game Plot: A robot is finding his missing part in big pile of junk. Then story goes ahead with twists and turns and develops the character and the puzzles around it. The puzzles also develop slowly over a period of time and you will find yourself struggling to solve. However the hint system can help you navigate your way out of some odd puzzles. Each puzzle is unique and you’ll surely like navigating yourself from each of them while mystery and rest of the plot unfolds to you. You’ll find out how the each character and the puzzle is related to the protagonist and how it leads to the final result.

You have to move your robot along the path and interact with it as comment pop-up and solve the puzzle in each level.

Graphics: The best part about this game is the graphics. Each level and the overall structure of the game is effectively set. You actually feel the future set of robot world and the junkyard design as you see in most of the animated movies. There are some excellent background designs in this game which will hook you up to the puzzles in it.

Audio: Machinarium has all the sound that it takes to make the environment alive. You’ll find effect in much silent theme rather than noisy like most of the puzzle games. You feel the set when you hear the music and see the game background. There are no dialogues however the approach of the game is kept typical like point-n-click game.

If you like puzzle games then give Machinarium a shot, you’ll surely love this game.