Download Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet Android Apk

On May 15, 2013

Makers of Original game Magicka released this new prequel to the game. It has different storyline, spells and characters in this game. Campaigns are also interesting and gives you freedom of the spell creation and co-op feature. These new features make this game much more addictive compared to the previous game.

You can download Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet from Google Play Store. It costs $1.99 to download this game. Considering the replay value of this game, It’s worth buying the magica. It also updates with the new campaign periodically so that’s another bonus.

Game Play: In magicka, you are playing the role of the wizards and taking down everything evil that comes in your path. You grow in terms of power and skills with every level you win or the opponent you defeat. You can do this on your own alone or can use the co-op mode for completing the campaign.

Each character has unique way of spell casting and you can create your own spell for the wizard as well. Some of the campaigns require you to upgrade the spell power with the help of the new skills. You get natural elements like fire, water, wind and earth for the spell casting. Each wizard makes use of these elements in unique ways to use against the opponent. You can mix the elements and create another unique elemental spell that can be powerful for your opponent. You unlock more elements, staff and robes per campaign as you win every duel.

You can also customize your wizard character. In co-op you get to use alteast 4 characters. You can choose the color of the robe and also the skills for the wizard. Each wizard has given a specific sense of humor that shows while you play the campaigns. You get the option to play either single player or multiplayer campaign level. You can also do the co-op with the another player on different platform other than android. However some of the elemental items are unique to each platform. So with android you get some unique power items to use which may not be available on iphone.

Graphics: Magicka doesn’t have the 3D Graphics this time. It has 2D graphics with side scrolling game mechanics like console games. FX 2D effects for the spells and the attacks are eye candy. You won’t miss 3D effects while playing the game. Characters are also designed very effectively in this game.

If you like playing side scrolling adventure game then you’re going to enjoy playing the Magicka.